Triple Bottom Line LTD (TBL) – Taking a holistic view to climate change and sustainability through 3 principles: Planet, People & Profit

Providing unique insight & knowledge into the implementation and operation of Market Based Mechanisms (MBM), helping both public and private sector organisations with their response to climate change and sustainability action in a resource constrained world.

Business leaders are well aware that the issue of climate change and sustainability (CC&S) is becoming a key strategic imperative. Environmental regulation around the world is a patchwork of rules and enforcement mechanisms, which make it difficult for businesses to be certain that they meet even the minimum compliance standards.The costs of dealing with environmental sustainability issues are seen as being incremental to all of the other costs of doing business, and there is most often, little perceived benefit.

Individual business entities need to find a way to understand how particular issues affect (or do not affect) their business. While it is entirely appropriate to focus on the negative impact of climate change and other environmental sustainability issues, there are also major opportunities created, and businesses need to find ways to identify and take advantage of these opportunities.

The TBL Risk & Opportunity Assessment is a quick way of helping business navigate complex issues and align business change programs to reduce risk and enable major opportunities – click here for further information