Organisations have been on the road to Climate Change & Sustainability (CC&S) maturity for quite some time now.

New regulation and compliance continually arise, causing maturity model to be adopted.

The CC&S Maturity Model (CCSMM) is developed to help organisations identify where they want to be and which factors need to be overcome to ensure that they get there…

Our CCSMM is based on the standard capability maturity model:


Level 1 Common Language: CC&S initiatives are often ad hoc, unplanned and even chaotic. few process are defines, and success depends on individual effort. In summary, the organisation lacks the capability to meet commitments consistently.

Level 2 Common Process: CC&S processes established necessary to repeat earlier successes. The focus is on developing and capabilities of the organisation, small central CC&S group ( usually part of Health & Safety or Corporate affairs functions), CC&S not yet part of planning process.

Level 3 Singular Methodology: central CC&S strategy and planning process, towards a centralised model ( Integrated CC&S with core business competences) best practices integrated into a common CC&S process, deployed across the organisation.

Level 4 Benchmark: enterprise orientation, CC&S part of department plans and review cycle, profit and loss structured, department competence centres ( and across the product lifecycle: R&D,Marketing, Operations, Purchasing etc.) detailed performance measures of the CC&S process and outputs collected, quantitatively understood and controlled.

Level 5
Continuously Improve: CC&S focused on customer needs (voice of the customer), part of corporate strategy, towards decentralised CC&S model. Continuous evaluation of e-business improvements enabled by quantitative feedback, piloting innovative ideas and technologies.

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